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My name is Kellee I have seven children, Together we take care of and love our animals. We have horses, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Llamas, Jersey cows and Pot bellied Pigs. I have been raising dogs for over 17 years.

We raise several different breeds of dogs mostly non-shedding and over 80% have Champion lines. Even my cross breeds come from AKC reg, Champion lined dogs.



New Litters!

Litters that are ready to go to new homes.

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This web page is new to me so it is a work in progress.

The different breeds we raise are.

Toy Poodles, Cockapoos, Maltapoos,  Shihtapoos,  Rottwieler/ Labrador cross.

Expected up coming litters.

Lab/Rott puppies.


Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Here at Exquisite Kennels we only do what we think is the very best for our dogs. We make there food fresh every morning, eggs, raw meat products, D.E., other vitamin suppliments made for dogs and a little hard dog food and potatoe flakes to hold it all together, about once a month I add a tub of plain yogurt. The dogs chow it down like it is there last meal.